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Move-In FAQs

*When is my first rent due?

August 1st!


*When can I move in?

August 14th! We will notify you if it is earlier. We will set up a time for key-pick up!

*How do I set up my utilities? 

You must sign up for utilities by August 14: One of the roommates must call and put the account in their name to be turned on by August 1st. You can divide up utilities however you choose, but someone on the lease must enroll prior to move in. Below are the numbers and websites you will need: 


  • City of Columbus: 614-645-8276 (all properties at 1824, 1826, 1832, 1834 Summit St; 

275, 277 E 16th; and 174 E 14th) 




Columbia Gas: Customer Service: 1-800-344-4077; 

Guardian Water: 

You do not need to sign up for water-we will set up your Guardian Water account for you. Guardian will bill you directly each month. If you do not receive a water bill by end of September, please email us. 

City of Columbus (city parking pass): 



You can choose your own cable/ Internet Company, however we recommend companies that offer wireless receivers and installation does not require running wires and drilling holes in walls. In the past our residents have used AT&T (, WOW ( and Spectrum ( Please do not contract with a company that needs to install a satellite dish.

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