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Move-Out FAQs

* Does the carpet need to be professionally cleaned?

YES! You can contract with a carpet cleaning company and give us the receipt or you can have 4 Points use our contractor and the payment will be deducted from your security deposit.


* Can I stay past my lease term?

Unfortunately NO! We understand that move dates do not always line up, but our turn over team has a very small window of time to prepare the place for the next group so we do need you to be completely moved out by July 31st.


* How do I return my keys?

Please put your keys in a sealed envelope with your name and address. You can drop them in the locked mailbox at our event center on campus or mail/drop them to our new office:


Lock Box key drop:                                               Office Address:


2228 Tuttle Park Pl.                                              48 S. High St.

Columbus, OH 43201                                           Dublin, OH 43017


If dropping keys at our event center on campus you will find the lock box on the front door labeled with the 4 Points Properties logo. The event center is a 1 level brick building across Tuttle Park Pl. from The Varsity Club and directly behind our 7 story building, The Point.


* When will I receive my deposit return?

It takes a while to receive and reconcile all of the invoices from contractors and the utility companies reporting outstanding balances. Accounting works diligently to have the returns processed and in the mail to your selected "house treasurer" within 30 days after the end of your lease.


*How do I stop my utilities?

For your electric and gas service call your company, tell them you are moving and to stop service on July 31st. Please ask them to roll the account back to 4 Points Properties as we have an ongoing contract with the service providers. Call your internet/cable provider to stop the service, if you are moving locally you can inquire as to if you can transfer the service to your new address and keep the current equipment. You DO NOT NEED TO CANCEL YOUR GUARDIAN WATER ACCOUNT. Guardian has a detailed procedure that they ask 4 Points to complete so we will cancel this service for you. Please keep in mind that you will have final bills for your July  services coming in August. 

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